Longboard deska Bustin EQ River 36″

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Longboardová deska Bustin EQ River 36″ – Freeride, Downhill

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Bustin EQ River – Deck Only

The Bustin EQ and its cousin, the Boombox, are the latest additions to the 2012 Bustin Boards lineup.. The EQ is designed as the ultimate foot locking freeride experience. The board maximizes footspace, allowing the feet to stand near the trucks, enhancing control and board feel, while incorporating radial drops and killer concave to lock onto your feet like bindings on a snowboard…almost. Rocker throughout the platform further locks you into the center of the deck and lowers the center of the deck to the ground, making this deck just as easy to push across town as many dropped decks on the market while still giving you the control of a topmount deck. Designed to be a rock-solid stiffy, giving you supreme control at big speeds and extreme grip through big slides!

26″ / 66 cm Effective Foot Platform

29 1/2″ / 75 cm Wheelbase

1/2″ / 1,3 cm Radial Drop

1/2″ / 1,3 cm Rocker Along EFP

10″ / 25,5 cm Wide

9/16″ / 1,4 cm Concave

36 1/2″ 92,5 cm LENGTH