Longboard deska Bustin Dime 29″

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Longboardová deska Bustin Dime 29″ – Cruise

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Bustin Dime 29 – Deck Only

Everyone needs a mini in their quiver for those times when you want some wheels but don’t want to carry a heavy load. The Bustin Dime is here to help you in those times of need. Equipped with the same 3D wheel well tech that we put into our Yoface lineup, the Dime is a simple, single kick cruiser shape with foot references and a killer pocket, allowing you to keep your eyes on where you’re going and not down at the board. Aggressive enough to thrash down a hill, if you’re looking to add a little spice in your life, and agile enough to weave in and out of pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk, this board delivers on its simple promises. Here now, there later. You can be sure the time in between is going to be a ton of fun on this little package.

Length: 74.9 cm/29.5″
Width: 20.3 cm/8″
Wheelbase: 41.9 cm/16.5″